Put the technology down and just read to her!!

I know this might seem extremely contradictory of me, the person that is constantly imploring you to leverage the opportunities that technology affords to engage students.  And you can bet your backside I will continue to do that tomorrow because I truly believe that is the key to moving our students along the critical thinking spectrum.  But today is not the day for that.  Today was the day for me to put the technology down, put my daughter in my lap and read to her her favorite princess book.  There is something that is irreplaceable about watching her anticipation grow as I turn to the next page where she knows the princess gets to wear that pretty dress that she loves.  There is a bond that is created in that moment that escapes words.  There is something that changes the value of the reading experience when she hears the story from daddy’s voice.  And that is something that technology will never ever replace!!!