ALL schools should be STEM schools!

As we look at what education should afford our children, a major consideration should be the ability to keep pace or gain an advantage in a given industry, ANY industry.  We have come uopn a time where technology is so interwoven into every part of society that those who are not adroit in using it will surely fall behind their more adept peers.  Simply put…no tech, no top!  When we look at STEM education we should always make reference to an interdisciplinary approach that aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of each subject through an emphasis on the interrelated nature of science, technology, engineering, and math. It is essential that we focus on the collective nature of all the STEM subjects and the necessity of implementing an interdisciplinary approach rather than treating the individual subjects as disconnected islands. Promoting STEM understanding will lead to increased ability to use analytical approaches to all educational endeavors, as well as master the skill of problem solving while applying this practice across all subjects. What school/student couldn’t use that type of development? The reality is that in order to best position our students for success, we MUST embrace STEM education!