Its the middle of winter break and its snowing but we still need Phys Ed. Kinect to the rescue!

Every parent has been there.  There are still 5 days left during winter break.  Your child(ren) is(are) driving you crazy because there is a snow storm outside and they have enough built up energy to power a small 3rd world nation.  You hear the second glass vase of the day break in the next room and the thought crosses your mind to toss them out into the storm and test that fortitude that they have been cultivating since their toddler years (thank goodness the angel on your left shoulder convinces you not to do it).  So what can you do???  Well, if they were lucky enough to get and XBOX 360 Kinect from Santa, reprieve is not far away.  Microsoft has created wonderful games to help them (and YOU) burn off some of that energy (or turkey, mac & cheese, pie, cake, etc.).  One can dance, play, exercise or fight until they are pretty darn burnt out.  Check out some of the videos below…






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