Nearpod, an iPad classroom’s best friend?

iPad integration into the classroom has become all the rage.  Many educators and administrators have adopted the transcendent device in an effort to increase student engagement.  This adoption hasn’t come without challenges for many.  For one, producing relevant curriculum content for the iPad hasn’t been the easiest of tasks.  Also, there is the one in a million student (sarcasm) that might veer off topic and try to use one of the other exciting features of the iPad.

Enter Nearpod, “An all-in-one solution for the synchronized use of the iPad in the classroom”.    It allows an instructor to:

  • Create interactive content for classroom presentations
  • Push presentations out to classroom iPad devices
  • Control the content on a student’s iPad (and also allow the student a certain amount of control)
  • Monitor the iPad activity of all students in the classroom (instructor is alerted when student leaves app)
  • Perform instant assessment via quizzes and surveys

Students are able to:

  • Engage the coursework more closely
  • Get instant feedback from the instructor
  • Share their work with the rest of the class

In addition teachers can share presentations with each other.  Visit the Nearpod site to get more information at  It seems like a great step in the right direction.


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