No more need for teachers, technology has made them obsolete!

Of course this isn’t true but there are some that have predicted this to be the case dating back two decades ago. Unfortunately, views such as these that have provided unnecessary obstacles to classroom technology integration by some of our best educators.  It is obvious that 21st century learners need to leverage technological advancements to compete at a high level in the job market, in addition to competing with their international peers.  Here’s a nice article to speaks about the tension.  It highlights some of the misguided notions in Lewis Perelman‘s: School is Out: Hyperlearning, The New Technology, and the End of Education.  

I particularly like how the article’s author details the 10 VERY REAL current issues with conventional education:

  1. Overcrowded  classrooms.
  2. Obsolete printed textbooks.
  3. Irrelevant homework.
  4. Obsolete testing techniques.
  5. Classroom talking heads that repeat the material in the textbook, year after year.
  6. Irrelevant subjects for the 21st century.
  7. Pupils who cannot handwrite and cannot express themselves properly and confuse acetic with ascetic.
  8. The belief that it is only up to schools to educate young people.
  9.  The belief that education ends when we leave school.
  10.  Language skills at a standstill.

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